Why All Weekends Must Start With Brunch

For an average person doing the 9-5 rounds, life is just everything and more that Dolly Parton sings of in her song. It’s the same routine, same (but different!) work, same faces and chances are that your first priority is to get back home after a maddening day and even maddening traffic, kick offyour heels or unbutton your shirt and either dig in to some takeout Chinese or whip up something quick and easy in your kitchenette. 

While most of the time we can’t really change the routine of our weekdays due to work and many other commitments, what we can do is maybe tidy up our weekends and step out of the mundane routine you do Monday through Friday. And this new routine must start with a glorious weekend brunch.

Speak to a few of your closest friends, partner, family, siblings or even co-workers if you are really close to them and bring up the idea of brunching during weekends to elicit a response. Once you are able to find out a group of likeminded people AKA your official brunching gang, it’s time to start making some solid plans. 

For starters, head back to Google and find out the best places there are for brunch that are in your city. If you’ve always wanted to have pepperoni pizza for breakfast, this is your golden opportunity. Brunch with finest italian restaurant is one of the greatest inventions the food and beverage industry has cooked up since the advent of ice cream. 

Brunch is also great for a number of other reasons as well. For example, there is a given time for brunch, i.e.- it’s between breakfast and lunch. This also translates to allowing you to keep your to not seven am but eight because that gives enough and more time to wake up, laze around, catch up on social media, pick out a cute outfit and head out at a time that is most likely not going to be jammed with traffic. Follow this site for further information regarding best pizza Central.

However, the joy of brunch and its timings does not stop there. Brunch also means an allotted number of hours, unless you have made plans afterwards, which also mean that you can be back home to either catch up on chores, the dishes and laundry or even be in time for an afternoon film! Also, if you are home and have the luxury of living by yourself, means that you don’t have cook up or reheat something for lunch and can actually settle in and make yourself a nice healthy or exorbitant dinner or even takeout, if that’s what you feel like doing!

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