Reasons To Have Reservation With Us

Find a suitable venue according to the event can be a challenging task to do. There can be various styles of events and each has its sense and essence to them which demands some special place to be held in. Any function has some variables that are quite same but not same and are essentials for an event. These are good food, venue and most importantly the budget which already decreases the size of the window if it is limited. 

So, if you are looking for a venue that is suited for the event and the long guest list you have then visit Carnarvon golf. We have wedding venues and conference venues. You can choose either accordingly. Our venues have the space for the seating arrangements of 200 people easily. And you can choose the decoration you want befitting for your budget. 

Beautiful location: 

Often the wedding or conference locations are not open and have natural beauty with them. Here have the golf course with us. Due to the golf course in Strathfield, the view from the wedding or conference venue is quite mesmerizing and bewitching. If you have a full day event you and your guest can enjoy the peaceful and relaxing sunset. 

No matter what kind of event or function you choose to have. The event will always have a photography session. Our location will give you pleasing and prepossessing sights and areas to have your shooting done. You will have the graceful and heavenly background for your picture, especially for the couple shoot. 


We have catering services for you. All the food we serve has high quality and is freshly cooked for your event. You can select the dishes you would like to be served in front of your guests from our menu. It will be a three-course serving with flavourful recipes. Or if you like, you can choose other caterers of your choice and have them deliver the food. 


 We have alluring décor ideas for your event. You can check from our design and see what appeals you the most and there can be changes done according to your taste, but if you have a certain theme that you want and you have already signed the contract then you can surely have them over for the décor. 

 Customer services:

Our customers have immense importance. We serve them with pride, and we assure they face no inconvenience from our side. That is why we give the option to either let us do all the work required for the event or they can have the planners they have already planned out everything with. So, reserve the venue with us and then enjoy the tension-free experience with us.