A Guide To Buying A Bar Table

Are you interested to start your drinking establishment? Well once you find the perfect venue you need to pick out the perfect furniture that will bring the place to life. Using this guide you can make sure that you don’t forget the essentials that are needed in order for your customers to enjoy their drinks. You might even generate a few ideas. You can even use bar fixtures at your home too as they are practical and stylish at the same time. Choosing the right bar table however can be daunting.

The height

The height of bar tables are categorized into bar and poseur and will suit different settings. The standard tables of 90cm are perfect for your house kitchen when paired up with counter stools. Anyone who is searching for restaurant furniture Melbourne should get their hands on poseur tables. Poseur tables are 110cm tall and can be used at exhibitions or even at a bar.


The size and shape of the bar table should be determined by what you want to use it for. Your decision can be based upon how many people will be seated around it too. Don’t forget to measure the space you have reserved for the bar table. When there are bar tables for sale at restaurant furniture products outlets make sure you should the pertinent sized ones.


Round tables can be used in crowded and compact spaces in order to avoid any injuries. Square tables are the opposite of round tables: if the room is bigger and there is more space they are ideal.

The finish

The finish of the bar table will give the definition and the overall look. But looks are not everything. You need to keep in mind what you need the product for. Abs plastic is perfect for a finish if you will be serving food. You can get this plastic in different shapes and colours. Wooden table tops are difficult to maintain. There are options such as faux leather, marble tops and granite as well. Glass tops have become famous as they are easy to wipe clean and are available in different styles.

The frame

Would you like your frame to be made of chrome or brushed steel? Brushed steel frames are perfect for car stools that are used in kitchens. Both chrome and brushed steel are strong and stable materials that will help the stool stand in its place. Don’t worry about the metal damaging your floors because many stools are fixed with plastic or a rubber stoppers.

Customise it

If you don’t like what you find you can always customize your stool. Turn your ideas into reality. Decorate your bar, household or your commercial space with bar stools appropriately and watch its magic work.